With the “Pre-Order” service, the client can make sure, in advance, a copy of the chosen product at the time of placing it on the market, most of the time, the copy of product,  can be purchased, at a discounted price compared to the selling price.

The date of arrival of the product in the warehouse is indicative and could, therefore, undergo variations owing to factors tha aren’t under Perform Agency Srl control.

The delivery times for pre-order items are always indicative and may therefore be subject to changes or delays without this entailing any responsibility for Perform Agency Srl, but this rarely happens.

During the procedure for the purchase of a product, before confirming the payment of the item, the client will be shown a summary with an indication or the unit cost of each product chosen, the total cost in case of purchase and/or booking of a plurality of products and obviously the relative shipping costs when it is foreseen.

At the end of the payment transaction, the order will be forwarded to the dedicated department and the client will receive a confirmiation message on his e-mail. The e-mail indicates the subsequent steps and any additional information, such as the date, the total amount of your order and the detail of the item, as well as a series of information regarding the operation carried out.

In the case of pre-orders, it could be foreseen:

  1. An advance payment for the full amount of the product;
  2. A partial payment of the amount, with the remaining sum to be paid upon receipt of the email confirming that the product has arrived in stock;
  3. No advance payment, the full amount to be paid upon receipt of the email confirming that the product has arrived in stock;

n the cases indicated in numbers “2” and “3”, the client undertakes to make the payment of the residual amount, balance, upon receipt of the email confirming the arrival of the goods in stock and becomes aware of the fact that if the payment isn’t paid within 5 days, starting from the receipt of the aforementioned email, the pre-order will be considered canceled.

In view of the large demand for pre-order products, due to factors beyond our control in the procurement process, especially as regards the most requested items, it isn’t always possible to ensure that all the orders received are fully fulfilled. Therefore, in this case, the client will be reimbursed, depending on the case, for the entire amount paid or the deposit paid for the pre-order, without this entailing any liability of any kind towards Perform Agency Srl.

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